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I like your blog is very original to my also likes me broccoli so that he is healthful for our body.

I like your blog is very original enchant to me as she dances and I sing shakira and I like your map of directions…

I like your blog is very original and I like your map of directions and all your tasks seem to me very creative

My Artist!!!

Elmer Figueroa Arce, better known as Chayanne, was born in Puerto Rico on the 29th* of June in 1968 and is the third of five siblings. He recently married the Venezuelan Marilisa Maronese, with whom he had a baby who is almost 3 years of age who was named Lorenzo Valentino.
Like any other adolescent, Chayanne was delighted to ride motocycles, play tennis, and enjoy a good book; furthermore he is a tireless fighter and self-disciplined, thanks to which he has become an example for all his generation.
Chayanne is indebted for his stage name to his mother and a North American TV series. He debuted as a singer at ten years of age, becoming a part of the group "Los Chicos" (the boys), one of the most acclaimed groups originating in the decade of the 80s, causing a true frenzy among the adolescents

1.- What´s your full name?
Elmer Figueroa Arce

2.- Where and when your born?
Was born in Puerto Rico on the 29th* of June in 1968 and is the third of five siblings.

3.- What do you do?
He´s singer

4.- What are you talents?
He´s Compositor

Welcome!!! to my blog**

Hello World!!!* my name is KarinaContreras. I´m from maracaibo originally, I´m twentyyears old, this is my final project blog for my english class. Here you can read some of my work during the semestrer... and study accountan in urbe

Level R212!!!

These are my guys from R212. They are students from social communication school, law school, integral education school, bsiness managment school, industrial relations school, accounting school and electronics engineering school.
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lunes, 9 de julio de 2007

My last Weekend!!!*

hi my name is Karina:

Last Friday raises me early to go to the university, finishes my classes to 10:00 or clock soon I went to my house to eat; later me acoste to sleep; to which it raises to me I saw TV and I went to eat ice cream with my boyfriend…. Saturday raises to me behind schedule so that it is my free day I was to have lunch with my family soon arrives at my house and my friends invited to me to leave and we went to the sambil to see a film ..... Sunday raises me early to go to the church with my family and my fiancè later I went to house of my premiums to share awhile and soon I went to my house.

Grammar Focus!! Prepositions of place

Hello my name is Karina this is my map:

*The health club is next to the disco, across from the cyber

* The bus station on red ave

*The supermarket is between in departament store and the disco

*The library next to the bank, across from gasoline station and miller st.

* The school in the back of the cyber

* The Restaurant on miller st. and valt st.

What´s the Matter???

Hi, my name is Karina, nex my I engage in a dialog:

Andrea Villalobos: She is a doctor
Andrea Vargas: She is a patient
Karina Contreras: I´m a secretary

Andrea Vargas: Hi, good Morning
Karina Contreras: hi, what can I help you??
Andrea Vargas: I´m feeling sick, is the doctor around??
Karina Contreras: yes he is.... Please whait!
Andrea Vargas: OK!!! thanks
Karina Contreras: the doctor is waiting for you..... Please come in
Andrea Vargas: thanks!
Andrea Villalobos: Hi, How are you?
Andrea Vargas : hi doctor I´m feeling very bad
Andrea Villalobos: Why? What´s the matter?
Andrea Vargas: Well, I have a headache
Andrea Villalobos : Ok. let´s take a look at you
Andrea Villalobos: I´m going to give you some pill. Take one pill every night after dinner... OK!
Andrea Vargas: all right. thanks, doctor